By Kyle Olson

WALKER, Mich. – For many high school seniors, one of the highlights surrounding graduation is the senior prank.  Some are unfortunately destructive while others are silly – and quite creative.

Seniors at Kenowa Hills High School in Walker, Michigan found out the hard way that apparently their principal doesn’t like students riding bikes to school.

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So when seniors rode bikes to school as their “prank,” Principal Katie Pennington suspended 64 of them.

Mlive reports:

“’I understand her position as the principal she needs to be in charge of all of us,’ said Stephanie Rasch, 18, who participated in the Tuesday morning bike ride and was later suspended for the day. ‘But it’s really not her worry how we get to school.’”

“The senior students took part in the morning ride, which began at the Walker Fitness and Ice Center and ended at the high school. The students had police escorts and enjoyed donuts provided by Walker Mayor Rob VerHeulen, who rode in a police cruiser leading the group.”

Pennington said the bikers faced a “safety risk,” despite a police escort and wide attention, including parents lining the route.

The newspaper reports the students will still be allowed to walk in the graduation ceremony.

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This is just another example of an overbearing school administration trying to control students outside of the school building.