By Kyle Olson

CHICAGO – A dangerous characteristic within the Occupy movement has been its disdain for the police and the concept of law and order. The radical activists have sought to try to police themselves, and have failed horribly. They want to treat rapes and assaults as internal matters. They didn’t want to rely on “the pigs” or “the man.”

Details are sketchy, but an ugly example of this foolish concept comes to us from the folks at Occupy Chicago.

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In America’s third largest city, Occupy has shrunk, but is still active. With its own rental space and guided by the Chicago Teachers Union, Occupy Chicago took the lead in the recent anti-NATO protest. News reports say a police officer was stabbed by a protester.

Now we hear that Occupy Chicago may be attempting to handle a potential abduction internally, instead of notifying law enforcement.

On June 19, a leader of Occupy Chicago contacted fellow travelers with this alert, titled “HELP: Missing Minor – Last Seen with Nemo.”

“Has anyone seen or heard from Nemo recently? He was last seen with a 16-year-old girl that came to GA [general assembly] last Saturday. Her mother is really worried. Any information on how to get in contact with him would be very, very helpful.”

Another wrote in response:

“It’s good to help these people find their kid, but from what I can tell we have no evidentiary basis for assuming that she is actually with Nemo. Please keep this in mind as you talk about cops being involved or before you imply anything about Nemo being ‘in big trouble’.”

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Another wrote:

“*update* we talked to Nemo. Word is that she’s going to the rainbow gathering and is NOT with Nemo. From what Nemo said last time he saw her was sat.

Search is still on to connect Becky with her mother.”

The Occupy leaders even circulated a photo of the girl, saying, “Attached is Becky’s pic, the minor we are looking for.”

It is unclear if they or the girl’s mother contacted law enforcement.

By living outside the boundaries of civilized society (you know, the one with all those pesky rules and people that enforce them), some naïve Occupy activists, like young Becky, continue to make themselves vulnerable to some of the worse elements among us.  There are some real creeps moving in Occupy circles, and taking advantage of a young, wide-eyed “comrade” would not be considered out-of-bounds for some of these people.

It’s very disturbing that some Occupiers would be more concerned about getting Nemo in trouble than protecting the missing youngster. If the police were not immediately contacted regarding this matter, something is very, very wrong in Occupyland.

How long will the people of Chicago allow their teachers to be involved with such a sickening, irresponsible organization?