By Steve Gunn

RACINE, Wis. – Despite polls predicting their imminent defeat, members of the Wisconsin Education Association Council fought until the final hours in their effort to recall Gov. Scott Walker.

In Racine, they allegedly used unsuspecting students to remind likely anti-Walker voters to vote, according to a blog published by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

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This should come as no surprise. As we’re previously reported, several high school teachers in the Racine district are well known for sharing their radical socialist views with students, and recruiting them into left-wing groups like Youth Empowered in the Struggle (YES).

Earlier this year the same teachers reportedly helped kids draft a “Student Bill of Rights,” which was presented to the school board with a request for a formal endorsement. Curiously, the student document included a demand that all teachers have fully restored collective bargaining privileges.

Go figure.

Now it seems the teachers of Racine may have found a new use for students on June 5, the day of the recall election. Blogger Aaron Rodriguez of the Sentinel Journal claims that various YES members who attend Case and Horlick high schools recruited non-political students to help with a “get out the vote” effort – in politically friendly neighborhoods, of course.

According to Rodriguez, pizza and t-shirts were used as incentives to get the kids to knock on Democrat doors. Did the kids from YES pay for the goodies themselves? Inquiring minds want to know.

Rodriguez also claims teachers at the high schools directed YES students to distribute sign-up sheets to fellow students to join the “get out the vote” drive. The YES students were allegedly empowered to tell their classmates that they could earn extra credits in certain classes if they participated.

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So kids may have been offered a better grade if they helped with the effort to recall Walker. Good grief. Is this what our education tax dollars are supposed to pay for?

Getting out the Dem vote

One student reportedly told Rodriguez the following about her Election Day experience:

“A girl had told me we would go out knocking on doors to get people out to vote on Tuesday. I asked her is it biased? She said that it was nonpartisan, and that it was not biased. They had said that we cannot tell them to vote for a specific candidate,” the student said.

“When we had arrived at the labor center, I noticed signs for (Democratic candidates) Lehman and Barrett. That was the first sign that this may be biased. This was all run by YES which is Youth Empowered in the Struggle, and Voces de las Frontera – both I am now aware are slanted toward the left, and not nonpartisan as they claim.

“The areas had already been walked earlier in the morning and we had done three passes through the same areas, instead of moving on to a different area. I am from Case High School, and I do not understand why we had not canvassed by the school. Instead we canvassed by Roosevelt Elementary by the lake, and the area around Gold Street, which is a good distance away from Case High School.”

The safe bet is that students were instructed to stick to what Rodriguez describes as “densely Democratic neighborhoods.” If they didn’t canvas around Case High School, it’s probably because some Republicans live there, and who wants them at the polls?

By the way, we noticed that the student mentioned that “the areas had already been walked earlier in the morning.” This was a school day, folks. Is it possible that these students were actually excused from classes to go door-to-door for the Democrats? And if they were, who gave permission for such a thing?

To borrow a phrase from Sen. Howard Baker during the Watergate hearings in the 1970s, “What did the principals know, and when did they know it?”

We must stress that this blog came from a Sentinel Journal writer who openly declares his conservative leanings. We can’t vouch for its accuracy. But given all the startling things we’ve learned about the small but very active group of liberal teachers in Racine, we find this story very easy to swallow.

How many reports about grossly partisan political activity will come out of this school district before administrators and board members start asking questions? Is it possible that they approve of this sort of nonsense?