CHICAGO – The war of words between city hall and Big Labor continues as the Chicago Teachers Union preps for a threatened strike at the beginning of the new school year.

Big Labor has staked its flag in the hometown of President Obama, Education Secretary Arne Duncan and former White House Chief of Staff (and current mayor) Rahm Emanuel, and it doesn’t plan to leave without a victory. The union is likely betting that those three don’t want a massive strike on the eve of a pivotal national election.

Union president Karen Lewis recently appeared on “Sly in the Morning,” a Madison, Wisconsin-based radio show hosted by a detestable oaf. Here a few clips from her interview:

Sly: I’m kind of perplexed that a Democratic mayor would have such a hostile view towards teachers. You know he came to Wisconsin, not too long ago and really kind of bragged on how he’s gone after you – he wears it as a badge of honor. And I just don’t think beating up teachers is something you should get a merit badge for.

Lewis: Well, beating up teachers is easy to do.  And when you’re a bully, you don’t pick on your toughest targets, you pick on the targets that look the most reasonable for you. The only problem is that this particular set of teachers has risen up against his tyranny and did it in a pretty spectacular fashion.

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Lewis once again goes straight to the name calling to try to score points. Previously, broke video of Lewis mocking Duncan’s lisp, joking about drug use and speculating about when she may go to prison.

She has a penchant for making outrageous claims. She prefers winning the battle by any means necessary, even it if means being a bully herself.