By Steve Gunn

HARROLD, Texas – In the wake of Friday’s horrific shooting in Connecticut, a furious national fight over gun control is quickly taking shape.

Predictably, liberals are pushing for a ban on assault weapons and associated equipment, as part of their overall goal of eventually creating a weapon-free society.

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But many on the opposite side are also speaking up, arguing that “gun free school zones” are particularly attractive to nut cases who are determined to kill as many people as possible without opposition.

The Harrold Independent School District in Texas is not gun-free. It has a “guardian plan” which permits select teachers and staff to carry concealed weapons on campus.

Superintendent David Thweatt, who designed the plan, is happy to explain the logic behind it.

He says that the schools in his district are a half hour away from the nearest police department. He says the security program is designed to allow willing staff members to protect students from “a lot of anger in society.”

“When you make schools gun-free zones, it’s like inviting people to come in and take advantage,” Thweatt told the Huffington Post.

He said he rejects any plan that limits students to merely locking themselves in a closet and hoping they aren’t discovered and shot.

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“So what we came up with was a policy that would protect,” Thweatt said. “Is that 100 percent (student protection)? No. Nothing is 100 percent. But what we do know is that we’ve done all we can to protect our children.”

The district’s “guardian plan” also includes the presence of security cameras and special locks on school doors.

The district has not had a shooting incident, perhaps because potential killers know that Harrold schools are not good targets if their goal is to find a human shooting range where their evil plan will go unchallenged.