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To paraphrase Bob Dylan: How many more sexual predators must be caught in the schools before we say we have a problem?

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Third graders in Pottawatomie County, Oklahoma’s McLoud Elementary School had their innocence stolen from them when their Kimberly Crainteacher, Kimberly Crain, took nude photos and video of them in her classroom and home. She sent them to an accomplice, ex-professor Gary Doby.

Both have admitted to their actions. Crain blamed “everything from weight gain to hypnosis to hormonal imbalance due to menopause,” according to

Crain asked for probation. That, apparently, is how much she thinks of what she did to her students.


The McLoud elementary teacher who admitted taking sexually inappropriate pictures of her students and sending them to a friend, asked a judge to consider probation ahead of her sentencing.

In a letter to the court ahead of her sentencing, Kimberly Crain detailed the timeline of events leading up to her arrest. She pleaded guilty to several counts of manufacturing and distributing child pornography as well as ten counts of lewd molestation.

The pre-sentence investigation filed with the court included a hand-written letter. In that letter, Crain tried to explain why she took sexually explicit photographs of girls in her third grade class. In it, she blamed everything from weight gain to hypnosis to hormonal imbalance due to menopause for her lack of judgment during the time she photographed and video recorded her students at school and in her own home.

She said it started when her relationship with Gary Doby, a professor working in Pennsylvania, turned sexual. “Gary has confided in me about some fantasies he had. He spoke low and sincere, sharing intimate experiences involving me that went on in his mind of these past years,” she wrote.

From there things escalated between her and Doby, despite the distance between them. Crain wrote “I began sharing inappropriate [nude] pictures of myself.”

The letter shows that Crain and Doby exchanged sexually explicit pictures and videos they had gotten from the internet. Crain wrote that Doby eventually sent her “pictures of a nude young girl, around 7-9 years of age, riding a horse, from a nudist colony website.”

“To appease him I returned one to him of the same type. His response was, ‘Now you’ve got the idea,'” Crain wrote.

It gets more stomach-turning from there.