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MADISON – Earlier this week, EAGnews broke the news that the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction included training materials on its VISTA website that focused on “white privilege.” Specifically, the controversial recommendations included students wearing white wristbands to remember their so-called privilege.

MORE NEWS: From Classroom to Consulate Chef: Culinary Student Lands Dream Job at U.S. Embassy in Paris reports DPI has removed the training materials and, unsurprisingly, blamed the unnamed EAG for exposing it.

State Superintendent Tony Evers
State Superintendent Tony Evers

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On Monday, the Education Action Group exposed the existence of ‘white privilege’ training materials on the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction (DPI) website. As of Friday afternoon, those materials have been removed from the DPI website and replaced with a message that attacks “misconceptions and misinformation being spread by an out-of-state entity. …

The new statement goes on to explain the relationship between the DPI and the VISTA program, emphasizing “there is no wristband program in Wisconsin.”

This all may be true, but the Department of Public Instruction still fails to explain why the materials were on their website in the first place? If the DPI expects Wisconsin taxpayers to buy their spin that the ‘white privilege’ training material was never used in Wisconsin classrooms they must come clean as to how and why the extensive list of material on ‘power and privilege’ came to be posted on the DPI website.

The fact of the matter is DPI wouldn’t have removed the materials if taxpayers weren’t sufficiently outraged. The Department saw it as a liability, but rest assured, the radicals won’t change their ways. They’ll just be more careful about what they put into the public sphere.