By Steve Gunn

RALEIGH, N.C. – The North Carolina State Board of Education is taking a step back and reviewing its decision to adopt national Common Core standards for K-12 reading and math.

Lt. Gov. Dan Forest, a member of that board, has released a video outlining his concerns about Common Core.

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He claims he is worried about the effect of a “one size fits all” national curriculum; the potential cost of implementing the program in the state; and the potential for Common Core to eliminate innovation and personalization in education, according to a blog by the Heritage Foundation.

“The very premise of Common Core – to somehow standardize learning and test-taking – runs counter to the world of mass customization we live in where, via technology, curriculum and the learning experience can literally be customized to the needs of each individual student,” Forest said.

He also notes that Common Core has not been tested in the state.

“North Carolina is rushing to roll out a new educational standard that has not been field tested in any of our 115 school districts,” Forest said. “It’s is like the (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) rolling out a new drug with no testing and no idea of the side effects, and then telling the public to trust us.”

Forest points out that North Carolina is hardly the only state to be rethinking its commitment to Common Core. A total of 46 states have signed on to the program, but a number are reviewing their decisions before implementation goes any further.

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“A third of all states in our country have either rejected Common Core or are currently seeking legislative action to pause or back out of implementation,” Forest said.