WEST JORDAN, Utah – A former school lunch lady has pleaded guilty to forcibly having sex with a 15-year-old student, according to Deseret News.

Jamie Lynn Greenwood, 44, was sentenced to 1-to-15 years in prison for two counts of forcible sexual abuse and two counts of unlawful sexual activity with a minor. Police said her position as the former Eastmont Middle School lunch manager did not “aid” in the relationship, according to the newspaper.

“The woman had contended that the relationship was consensual and that the teenager ‘threatened and intimidated’ her into taking part in the sexual activity, according to a Utah Supreme Court ruling in the case. The state countered, though, that Greenwood exchanged cash and gifts for the sex acts and threatened to call the boy’s mother if he didn’t comply with her requests,” according to the newspaper.

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The victim was a friend of Greenwood’s teenage son.

Meanwhile, Tonya Harris, a food service employee in El Paso County, Colorado, “stands accused of engaging in felonious sexual acts with a student and providing alcohol to minors,” according to Fox 31.

The student was 17. The D-49 school board has scheduled a meeting to consider termination of her employment.

EAGnews has extensively covered the growing national problem of inappropriate relationships between teachers and students, but now lunch ladies are getting into the act? At what point will the adults start controlling themselves?