DELAWARE CITY, Ohio – Somebody call the First Lady – there’s another student revolt over her “healthy” school lunch regulations. And, of course, the students are to blame, according to school officials.

Sally Rathje, director of food services for Ohio’s Delaware City School District, told that as a result of the new federal school lunch standards, there was a 7 percent reduction in total meals provided and an 11 percent decline in total revenue last school year.

The paper’s story carries the headline, “Delaware students foiling cafeteria food’s evolution.”

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Rathje’s reason is disturbing: “We are changing the culture in America right now. We are trying change our behavior and taste patterns. It won’t happen overnight. It takes time,” she told the paper.

Is it really the duty of lunch ladies to change “the culture in America”?

Rathje’s account is so vivid, one can almost picture her nervously biting her nails as all those portly and rebellious students dig into their fat saturated home-packed lunches.

“Our fear is that many parents will say, ‘Forget that,’ and pack their students a bologna sandwich and cookies for lunch,” the paper quotes Rathje as saying.

Rathje said she looks around the lunchroom at what students are packing and she’s shocked at how many pack unhealthy options, such as Lunchables, the paper reports.

“A lot of people have the perception that school lunches are unhealthy, and that’s just not true,” she told the paper. “Students who pack are packing food high in sodium and fat and even candy.”

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Rathje told the paper she hopes the (unpopular) new “healthy” changes will “influence” what students eat at home.

“If we are going to see the obesity trend go down in America, we are all going to have to make changes and start eating better,” she told the paper.

All of this makes us wonder if there’s a much broader agenda than simply making sure kids eat more green beans than french fries at school. The public school bureaucracy and activists in Washington D.C. are seeking to “change the culture in America” through our children.

That sounds a bit ominous, particularly coming from a lunch lady.