MUSKEGON, Mich. –  One teacher has found a clever way to profit off the Common Core-related tests that are about to be inflicted upon the nation’s youngest students.

bubble-practiceA new worksheet, found on, trains kindergarteners how to carefully color in bubbles to prepare for the standardized tests related to Common Core national standards.

The lesson also trains young children not to color in the pictures on a standardized test or to write their names anywhere on the official booklet, according to the product’s creator, Maggie’s Kindergarten.

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The lesson’s product description explains the need for such training: “Though many K-2 teachers will argue the reasoning behind giving a standardized test to a young child, we accept that educational mandates require us to do so. We also must acknowledge that such tests not only test Common Core Skills, but also skills that may not be required by Common Core at the Kindergarten level.”

Is this really what education has come down to – preparing for standardized tests? We’re all for assessing how students are learning and the effectiveness of educators, but this seems to be getting a little ridiculous.

And for those that attack corporations for “getting rich off of schoolchildren,” it seems teachers are getting in on the game, too.

As one commentator put it, “Don’t blame Pearson for this one.”