LEO, Ind. – As seasonal temperatures drop, the heat is rising in Leo, Indiana.

Parents have learned of the on-line survey their children felt forced to complete in their classrooms this week; the mama and papa bears are not happy.

pbisThere is a mix of emotions as this small community experiences what it feels to undergo rape and pillage from the technocrat vandals of the data-mining pipeline.

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Elementary school students in Leo’s K-6 schools took varying versions of a PBIS (Positive Behavioral Intervention and Support) Student Survey, without prior parental knowledge or consent.

In a sick rerun of the Nazi methods of using children to spy, this “survey” goes beyond reporting on parents and family. The 4th grade version of the survey includes nearly 70 questions including plenty of surveillance on teachers, classmates, educational environment, as well as family lifestyle and self-confession on the part of students themselves.

The survey is a combination of multiple choice and open-ended questioning, with no opting out of providing an answer for the question posed. Unless, of course you include the gender question, which reads:

Are you a boy or a girl?  (Choices): boy; girl, or “I don’t want to say.”

Our hero mom first learned of the survey from her 4th grade daughter who came home from school and reported having taken a survey in school that included some very personal questions. Mom quickly contacted her daughter’s teacher to begin tracking down the origins, content and use of the survey. Accessing responsible parties becomes a bit more convoluted once the dirt is on the wall, or in the data pipeline.

The next day, Mom’s 6th grade daughter came home also having taken “the survey” in class on her public school provided i-pad. Students are instructed to complete the survey by logging onto the “My Big Campus” website, while classroom educators assume the role of classroom monitors or I-T facilitators.

Not to fault teachers, but teachers would be wise to have read the survey before instructing students to partake.

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A litany of questions pertains specifically to the teachers teaching methods, content and attitudes toward the student’s success:

“Do your teachers: call on a lot of students?

Give you good directions for your work?

How often do your teachers let things get crazy in class?

Give you work that makes you think hard?

Have you work in small groups?

Help you after you miss any school?

Give you enough time to do a good job on your classwork?

Explain something in a different way until you get it?

Make learning fun?

Do they like teaching?

(Now teachers get to be the subject of student subjectivity as the tables are turned. With technocrats and arch-testers at the helm of education, Dewey’s dream and C.S. Lewis’ Nightmare of The Hideous Strength takes shape on junior’s campus)

The survey includes questions on ethnicity, school facilities, technology access, and Counseling services, as well as a series of questions on workforce development, college and career plans.

This workforce line of inquiry ranges from: if the student plans to finish high school, desires to attend college, if the student’s teachers think the student will go to college (funny the teacher mentioned how the students were all coming to ask her this question later in the day) as to how much parents or guardians discuss college, jobs, tuition cost, ways to pay for college, degree options, years of college required, getting good grades, specific colleges etc.

This then leads into a bit of Freudian counseling options as to who to go to if you have a problem; then onto more invasive family lifestyle questions including weekend, dinner routine, breakfast habits, child care, travel, and even personal health and exercise.

Not to miss out, the all too familiar guns, knives and safety issues are probed and the hot topic of bullying is covered at length, leaving no rock unturned. All (student, family, teachers, administrators, classmates, custodians, technology access, facility, community service, health, entertainment, vices, attitudes, workforce development, gender, religion etc ) are fair game on this psychological behavioral assessment in the hands of students who get to provide data on everyone, including themselves.

That’s the next part. Students are to report on their personal smoking, alcohol consumption and illegal drug us, if they have asthma and their use of technology at home.

Parents in Leo, Indiana are uniting to save the innocence of their children, their families, and their community. They are working with their teachers, administrators, and school board members, state elected representatives, and other concerned parents across the nation to protect their children and alert other parents of the realities of data mining in the classrooms across the nation.

These parents united for education, recognize the dangerous realities of replacing parents and personal educators with technology, and allowing their children and families to be violated, analyzed and manipulated by the behavioral scientists of Pavlov, Skinner, Bloom, and Dewey on the path to create a Common Corps.

These parents are reclaiming Education on the home front in Leo Indiana.

Authored by Dawn Kazmierzak