HARTFORD, Conn.- The state of Connecticut plans to spent “up to $1 million to hire a public relations firm to help promote the new Common Core curriculum standards, which have faced a growing number of opponents,” according to Rep-Am.com.

As if the implementation of Common Core was not expensive enough, with the need for new textbooks, lesson plans, standardized tests and computers required for student testing. Now taxpayers will be burdened with the cost of selling this turkey of a program to a skeptical public that was never given a fair chance to weigh its merits in the first place.

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One fact is beyond debate – Common Core was not a state-led effort, as President Obama and Education Secretary Arne Duncan like to claim. The Obama administration essentially bribed states into adopting Common Core by making it a mandatory part of applications for federal “Race to the Top” education funds.

Public schools were extremely desperate for operating cash at the time, so state officials were happy to agree to anything for a chance at big federal education dollars.

Even worse, the approval process in most states was conducted quietly, through the largely anonymous state boards of education. Proponents purposefully minimized any chance of a large-scale public debate by avoiding approval by state legislators and inevitable coverage by the media.

The fact is that most states quietly adopted Common Core before most people even knew what it was. That was grossly unfair to parents and taxpayers who have a direct stake in the quality of their local public schools.

Now that people are finally starting to understand the ramifications of Common Core, there is widespread opposition. Connecticut officials want to add insult to injury by spending a million dollars to tell people – well after the fact – that there’s no cause for alarm and Common Core is the right way to go.

The citizens of Connecticut should demand that this wasteful expenditure be cancelled. We all understand Common Core now, and the damage it is already wreaking on our education system. We don’t need state governments spending our own money to tell us that our well founded worries are foolish and misplaced.