NEW YORK – Many people see the value of so-called big box stores like Walmart or Home Depot: low prices and numerous items under one roof.

But the providers of sample Common Core-aligned tests see a more sinister agenda.

And they want students to learn about that while they’re preparing for the new assessments.

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“Show What You Know on the Common Core” is a book published by Show What You Know Publishing. The Grade 6 student workbook features a fictitious article on “Megamart,” a seemingly fictitious chain (that turns out to actually exist) that wants to construct a store, supposedly in Florida.

“Mayor Ric Bass” of the unnamed town supports the store, according to the article. But many residents don’t, and one was so upset that he was injured at a city meeting where the matter was discussed. Eek!

Students then read a similarly fictitious letter to the editor in which the owner of a local store berates “Megamart.”

“The mayor admitted that Megamart is infamous for closing small businesses where it goes,” the writer, Lucidia James Pickett, states. “Local entrepreneurs cannot compete with the low prices of Megamart, and they will have to move their stores elsewhere to keep their sales up and their businesses running.”

Students then answer several multiple-choice questions, including, “Which of the following arguments does Ms. Pickett make in response to statements made in favor of the new Megamart?”

The answer – we guess – is “Jobs will be lost as well as gained, since local businesses will be forced to move away or close.”

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The book’s intent is underscored when students are required to define the word “infamous.” The authors clearly want their young readers to hate “Megamart” and in turn “Walmart.”

This isn’t the only example of thorny political issues appearing in Common Core-aligned readings and assessments.

EAGnews previously wrote about 4th graders bring forced to read a book designed to make them acknowledge their evil “white privilege,” while 2nd graders learned about the “scales of fairness,” and how unfair capitalism is. Only true equality will exist when everyone has equal resources, regardless of their different talents and different levels of effort, these lessons are teaching students.

The more evidence we come across, the more obvious it becomes that Common Core has two real purposes – strengthen the federal government’s control over K-12 education and indoctrinate students in the principles of socialism.

Is this what the parents and taxpayers of America really want?