HOT SPRING COUNTY, Ark. – A former high school agriculture teacher somehow managed to avoid jail time after pleading guilty to five counts of sexual assault of students.

Mark Clampet, a 51-year-old former teacher at Bismarck High School, was charged last April with nine counts of second degree sexual assault, reports The Daily Siftings Herald.

He accepted a plea bargain earlier this month – which dropped four of the charges – and was sentenced to six years of supervised probation, was fined $2,500, and was ordered to pay $400 in court costs. He was also ordered to register as sex offender.

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The teacher “engaged in sexual contact” with nine students at the school from 2012 up until the time he was charged, the Daily Siftings Herald reports

Teacher arrested in El Paso

Eleazar Venzor, a math teacher at Bowie High School in El Paso, Texas, is facing charges of having an unspecified type of “inappropriate relationship” with a student.

His arrest was the result of an investigation by the El Paso Independent School District, which was prompted by a tip, reports the El Paso Times.

Venzor was removed from campus when the allegations were reported and he resigned last month.

The age of the student was not disclosed.

Teacher’s aide charged

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A 25-year-old Madison, Wisconsin teacher’s aide was arrested earlier this month and charged with sexual assault of a student by school staff.

Janet Kula, a special education teacher’s aide at Sun Prairie high School, faces up to six years of prison and extended supervision, reports the Wisconsin State Journal.

When investigators questioned Kula and the student, they received vastly different accounts, according to the news report.

Kula told police she met and had sex with an 18-year-old man in December and didn’t realize until afterword that he was a student in the school. She said that she met the boy at a McDonald’s and he told her he was 18 and going to college in Florida.

Kula said that in December, she picked him up from a home, drove around and then parked somewhere and had sex, according to the Wisconsin State Journal.

However, the boy claims they met and flirted in a school hallway in November and that the two became friends on Facebook shortly after. The boy told police that they then communicated via Facebook and exchanged phone numbers and text messages.

The student also told police that they got together several times, but usually just kissed and talked about her job and his day. He said he never told Kula that he was 18 and that she knew how old he was, the story reports.

The student was actually 17 at the time.

They do agree on one part of the story, the part where she picked him up from a friend’s house and they drove around, parked and had sex.

Kula was fired from her job and is expected in court in March.

Elementary teacher arrested

A Greensboro elementary teacher was arrested last week for an alleged sexual assault on a student.

Randall Clawson, a 53-year-old teacher at Lindley Elementary School, allegedly had sexual contact with a student against the student’s will, reports the Winston-Salem Journal.

Warrants state that Clawson restrained and confined the student, who was less than 13 years old, for the purpose of having sexual contact.

He faces charges of taking indecent liberties with a student, second-degree sexual misconduct, first-degree sexual misconduct against a child, second degree kidnapping, and taking liberties with a child, the Winston Salem Journal reports.

Clawson has been placed on leave from the school district.