FALLSBURG, N.Y. – Someone at Benjamin Cosor Elementary School is doing smack in the men’s faculty bathroom.

Six teachers, an aide and a school contractor were identified through surveillance video as the only people to use the men’s room before another staff member found a heroin baggie Feb. 11, which was the second time in recent months, the Times Herald-Record reports.

Fallsburg Schools Superintendent Ivan Katz notified parents and police of the problem, but identifying the culprit will be difficult after the district’s teachers union interjected itself and advised staff not to cooperate with the law enforcement investigation.

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The school contractor who used the faculty bathroom was cleared after he voluntarily provided a urine sample, and the seven other faculty members initially intended to do the same, but were advised against it by their union, Fallsburg Police Chief Simmie Williams told the news site.

“If you got nothing to hide, give me some urine,” Williams said. “Let’s clear the teachers’ names who are taking care of these babies for six or seven hours a day.”

School officials said they first realized the drug problem shortly before the Christmas break, when a school employee first found heroin and needles in the bathroom Dec. 23.

Jared Hart, an attorney representing one of the teachers, said his client is “embarrassed, and he’s also angry that he has to defend himself … against something he’s not involved in.”

The teacher’s “embarrassment” is understandable, but it could be quickly alleviated if he simply submits to a drug test and clears his name. Refusing to cooperate only makes these school employees seem more suspicious.

It also ensures a druggie school employee remains on the district’s payroll, which is undoubtedly unnerving for the school’s parents. The union’s interjection, and the educators’ refusal to provide urine samples, is a blatant slap in the face to the taxpayers and parents who own the district.

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Thankfully, Sullivan County District Attorney Jim Farrell seems to be determined to hold the school’s resident heroin addict responsible for their egregious violation of the public’s trust.

“We intend to get to the bottom of this because, at this point, we feel there’s a potential danger to the students at that school,” he told the Herald-Record.

Parents could also help facilitate the investigation by publicly demanding drug tests for all of the school’s employees, and the termination of those who fail or refuse.