KENOSHA, Wis. – Kyle Flood, a 19-year old college student elected to the Kenosha school board with union backing, was cited last week for possessing “drug paraphernalia,” according to the Kenosha News.

He reportedly paid the $326 ticket for possession of three marijuana pipes.

“While I did break the law and it was wrong, I am a strong advocate for the legalization of marijuana for recreational use of adults,” Flood said.

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Nevertheless, he offered a qualified apology: “I would like to add that I am sincerely sorry to anyone who may be disappointed in my actions …”

Flood denied possession of the pipes allegedly found in his college dorm room and said “friends leave things in his room.”

Meanwhile, local residents have created a petition calling for Flood’s resignation.

“Our kids deserve better. Someone who can be a role model. A good citizen, steward and lead. Kyle Flood is none of these,” wrote Jason Koschkee.

“Think about it…KUSD School Laws states (sic) there is NO TOLERANCE for drugs. What makes Kyle Flood more immune from this law than our children?” Sue Swanger posted on the petition site.

Kenosha resident Donald Diehl wrote, “Kyle Flood was elected to the school board by the citizens of Kenosha for the purpose of making decisions that affect our children and the school district employees. His involvement in illegal activities cannot be tolerated. What message and example do we the citizens and parents want for our children?”

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Flood’s dating profile asks about his marijuana use, and he responded, “I smoke regularly.”

This is not the first controversy for Flood. While he was a candidate, EAGnews reported that Flood had been photographed brandished a knife in a classroom and appeared to be pointing it at a girl’s throat. It later turned out to be a posed photograph (no real threat to the girl) that he posted on Facebook.