WASHINGTON, D.C. – An introductory college writing text-book is raising the hackles of many home educators and teachers regarding one of its writing activities.

The activity, shown in the picture below, is on the disadvantages of homeschooling. It details several reasons why a student should not be homeschooled, including the absence of a school nurse and reading specialist, children might be confused about the role of the parent as a teacher, art and music might be omitted, children don’t learn to compete or interact with other children, and parents may not enforce the standards.

Future teachers may be learning to write from this text.

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Students are then told to put the topics in a cluster, or group, to form structure to their writing. Never is the veracity of the statements evaluated, they are merely asserted as truth. Apparently, the authors of this text-book have never heard of the public library or the internet. They have never heard of learning coops where home school families meet and exchange ideas, expertise, and the children interact. Further, the author clearly is unaware that home school programs outside the state of the New York generally have a contact teacher assigned to the family to assist families upon request and to process paperwork for the families. The textbook author also seems to be unaware that the American Disabilities Act applies to students irrespective of their educational setting, and the district office must make reading and other  specialist available to qualified students if the families request the service.

The authors seem to ignore the opportunities that are present through museums, galleries, community orchestras, and churches to learn and experience  art and music. She seems unaware that state laws typically require the district school to allow homeschoolers to participate in community events or even take one class at the school. It is unclear why children would be confused by the role of the parent as the teacher, since parents often assume that role at night with traditional school during hours of homework. As to the standards, they have actually become a reason for people to home school. Even so, most parents who sacrifice of high earning years to education their children  not going to take their child’s education lightly.

The book is frequently used  to teach a remedial college English courses. College instructors typically  have the ability to choose their own texts. If a student is subjected to this text, they should let the instructor know on the final evaluation for the course, or discuss the flaws with the text with the instructor after grades are assigned. The author teaches at Niagara County Community College in Western New York.  It costs students around $80.00 to purchase this textbook that appears to value anti-family sentiments.

Authored by Allison Martinez – The Free Patriot