CLEBURNE COUNTY, Ala. – Here’s the truly scary part – an Alabama teacher/girls basketball coach who sexually molested two students doesn’t understand that he did anything wrong, except fall in love with two different students.

Bronson Ward, 33, was charged in September with five counts of having sex with two students under the age of 19. He was sentenced last week for his relationship with one of the students, My Fox Alabama reports.

Ward is also being charged in a separate case for his relationship with the other student. That case is pending.

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During his sentencing, Ward said he was sorry and took full responsibility. But his apology was for falling in love with both girls at separate times, not for using his position of trust to manipulate high school girls.

He also reminded everybody that he still plans to marry the second of his two victims, reports My Fox Alabama.

Ward testified that he didn’t know it was illegal for a teacher to have sex with a student who was 16 years or older. He claimed to have had the parents’ consent, according to what the victims had told him.

However, the father of the victim read a letter during the hearing and made it clear that the day Ward recruited his daughter for the basketball team was the day a predator marked his prey.

Ward was first hired by the district in 2004  and fired by the school board last November.

Teacher had sex with second student

Duane Adams was fired from his teaching position last month when he faced allegations of hiding a 15-year-old runaway and having a sexual relationship with her.

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The teacher allegedly took the child from school on a Friday and let her stay at his apartment. He also brought her to a Daytona Beach motel and a cabin in the woods to hide out.

Adams, 54, a former teacher/coach at Francis Marion Military Academy, is now facing two more charges of sexual battery after another victim came forward.

The latest victim is a 16-year-old female, reports

Through her conversation with a children’s advocacy professional, the teenage girl summarized their relationship.

“He was to drive her to practice. Instead of going there, he drove her to a motel,” the arrest affidavit said.

Later that same year, “She went to his room during school hours. During the meeting, Adams kissed her (and) touched her (sexually),” WESH reports the affidavit says.

In both cases Adams and the girl allegedly had sexual intercourse.

The victim also discussed how Adams would give her $100 just because she was his “second girlfriend.”

Authorities believe there may be other victims and are encouraging them to come forward.

Sixth grade teacher indicted on rape

An Alabama sixth-grade teacher has been indicted on rape and sodomy charges for having sex with a teen boy, reports

Jennifer Collins McNeill, 39, was indicted last month on six counts of second-degree rape and two counts of second degree sodomy.

The encounters were allegedly with a 14-year-old boy and took place at her school on more than one occasion, reports.

District attorney C.J. Robinson said that there were allegations that McNeill had sex with the boy a number of times, but prosecutors chose to seek indictments on the eight best cases.

McNeill is no longer employed by the school system and is expected to be back in court this week.

Former teacher to stay in prison

A former Delaware teacher who is serving 10 years in prison for having sex with a 13-year-old student has lost her second bid to have her prison sentence commuted, reports WBOC.

Rachel Holt, 42, was arrested in 2006 and charged with multiple counts of first degree rape involving a student at her elementary school. She pleaded guilty to these charges.

Holt received a mandatory minimum 10-year- sentence and has since applied for commutation on two separate occasions.

The state Board of Pardons voted unanimously to reject the request.