WASHINGTON, D.C. – Another day, another union attack on school choice. And the purveyors don’t even have the guts to stand behind it!

It comes in the form of a slick new website, “Cashing in on Kids,” which apparently is a joint project between the American Federation of Teachers and a group called In The Public Trust.

The disclaimer at the bottom seeks to distance the union from any sort of liability for what’s contained on the site.

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“In the Public Interest and the American Federation of Teachers make no warranties, either express or implied, concerning the information contained on or linked from www.Cashinginonkids.org. The visitor uses the information provided herein at his/her own risk,” the disclaimer reads.

If it’s all true and sourced, why the need for the legal disclaimer? That should make any of its contents suspect immediately.

The site, such as it is, currently seeks to expose which of “Jeb Bush’s friends are cashing in on kids.”

The implication, of course, is that private schools and private charter school management companies, are somehow evil if they make money while teaching kids. Many of those schools and management companies do a fine job teaching children, so who cares if they make a profit? The school dollars are going to go to someone, either way.

Unfortunately it usually goes to those who preside over our failing public school system.

Rhonda “Randi” Weingarten, the president of the AFT, raked in a whopping $543,150 in compensation in 2012, according to the union’s LM-2 financial filing. (For the record, that places her firmly in the union-maligned 1 percent.) She took home over $600,000 in 2010, when she cashed in accrued sick and vacation time from her previous employer, the United Federation of Teachers, the Wall Street Journal reported.

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Who exactly is cashing in on kids?

EAGnews has written extensively about the employees of government schools “cashing in” while school performance is abysmal. That series is called, “Where Your School Dollars Go.”

One of the worst examples, perhaps, is the Rochester City School District in New York, where the teachers union is part of Weingarten’s AFT umbrella.

We reported in January that during the 2012-13 school year, 292 Rochester employees made $100,000 or more.

Consider these stats:

    • The district had a 43 percent graduation rate in 2012.
    • Nine percent of black males and 10 percent of Latino males graduate in four years.
    • Standardized testing found 5.4 percent of students are proficient in reading and writing, while only 5 percent were proficient in math.

Yet Weingarten has the gall to claim others are “cashing in” on kids? What exactly are her comrades doing? Whatever it is, it’s certainly not helping students.

Perhaps the site’s disclaimer should apply to all statements from the union, not just what’s contained on the website. Because a listener believing any of the nonsense Weingarten utters is “at his/her own risk.”