“The following is a checklist of psycho-social stressors that may impact a student’s academic and social functioning,” the Central Community School System wrote to parents. “These factors should be considered when determining if a student is eligible for special education.”

The parent, whose child is a first-grader, took particular exception to the “sexual identity issues” question.

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“This is for a first grader! First graders shouldn’t even know what this is!” wrote the mother, who requested anonymity, but posted the odd questionnaire on Facebook.

She then keenly exposed the roots of the checklist.

“Due to John White’s [Louisiana state superintendent] gutting of the (student privacy) law, I understand my child’s personal information is no longer as secure as it once was. The questions on this paper are offensive, invasive and NONE OF THE SCHOOL’S BUSINESS.

“These questions are part of the unconstitutional Common Core and have nothing to do with teaching him proper speech techniques. I DO NOT give permission for any school administrator or teacher or employee to ask my child these questions either.

“Please honor our family’s 4th Amendment right and our right to privacy,” she wrote.