LAS VEGAS – A substitute teacher with the Clark County School District in Las Vegas is facing several charges for the alleged sexual assault of a student, reports KLAS-TV.

Tanikka Queen, 22, a long-term substitute teacher at Hyde Park Middle School, allegedly assaulted a 15-year-old student.

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She is facing several counts, including six counts of first degree kidnapping, sexual assault against a child under 16, statutory sexual seduction and luring a child for a sex act.

The boy’s father became suspicious when the boy came home with a hickey. At first, Queen denied the affair and blamed the events on the “troubled eighth-grader.”

However, detectives were able to recover a cellphone with about 2,400 text messages, 108 phone calls and 38 photographs sent between the teacher and student.

The messages included the boy telling Queen that her kisses “took me to the clouds babe” and Queen once saying “Remember no matter how I act at school I still love you with all my heart.”

Queen reportedly admitted to kissing the boy and having sex with him while she was house-sitting for a friend.

After only two weeks of their romance, the two were already saying they loved one another.

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“Queen said, ‘I am in love with (student’s name). I have never been in love before,’” the police report said.

Thorough background check not effective

Christopher James Perkins, a former drama teacher in the Fort Stockton school district in west Texas, was recently arrested and charged for multiple sexual felonies and child pornography.

Perkins is facing two counts of sexual assault of a child in the second degree and one count of possession of child pornography, reports KOSA7.

The former teacher was originally placed on administrative leave for having an inappropriate relationship with a student. During the investigation, Homeland Security personnel confiscated his computer and found a variety of child pornography in his files.

Authorities believe Perkins had been having inappropriate relations with minors before coming to the school district and investigators say more charges could be filed.

Meanwhile, Superintendent Ralph Trayhnam assured parents that Perkins, like all teachers, had gone through a thorough background check before being hired into the district.

Hawaii: Not such a paradise

A former Hawaii drama teacher is facing charges for engaging in sexual acts with his students, reports Hawaii News Now.

Richard Neal Willetts, 26, is facing federal charges for sex acts with minors and for sexually exploiting eight different children. Willetts’ first charge allegedly stems from a relationship during the 2003-2004 school year at Punahou School in Hawaii.

In 2005, Willetts moved to Western Albemarle High School in Virginia, were he allegedly engaged in sexual acts with two male students, then with another student at Fluvanna High School, according to Hawaii News Now.

Authorities also allege that Willets used pictures of one victim to try and coerce another victim to engage in a group act.