KIEV, Ukraine – American Federation of Teachers President Rhonda “Randi” Weingarten is in Ukraine to protest, Keen News Service reports.

“Randi Weingarten, the openly lesbian president of the million-member-plus American Federation of Teachers, is in the Ukraine capital’s Maidan Square today, as part of an international delegation of teaching professionals to support Ukraine’s ‘quest for democracy,’” the news site says.

“It is a great honor to be asked by Ukraine’s teacher unions to work with them to strengthen their democratic institutions and support their efforts to build a brighter future for all Ukrainians through education, democracy and the rule of law,” Weingarten said in a news release.

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The Ukrainians may appreciate Weingarten’s support, but they may want to be cautious about anything she has to say about education.

After all, her union represents a lot of American teachers, and American students are falling behind their international peers at an alarming rate, based on their most recent scores in the Program for International Students Assessment.

“ …Teenagers in the U.S. slipped from 25th to 31st in math since 2009; from 20th to 24th in science; and from 11th to 21st in reading, according to the National Center for Education Statistics, which gathers and analyzes the data in the U.S.,” the news site reported, citing the Wall Street Journal.

Perhaps Ukranian parents and students should be protesting Weingarten’s presence as a threat to academic excellence in their nation.