HONOLULU – A bipartisan letter sent by eighteen members of the Hawaii House of Representatives to the state Department of Education superintendent requesting transparency in the review of the Pono Choices curriculum being foisted on middle school children has gone unheeded.

In fact, one state representative says the secrecy level of the review has increased, and members of the review task force have been asked to sign non-disclosure statements.

From the very beginning, the Pono Choices sex curriculum being tested on Hawaii middle school students has been hidden from parents and guarded like a state secret. Developed by the University of Hawaii in partnership with Planned Parenthood and funded by federal sex ed grants, this curriculum was not something parents could find or view. Even legislators seeking access to the curriculum were denied unsupervised access.

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But State Representative Bob McDermott and Senator Sam Slom took up the charge when parents approached them for help, and they persevered in insisting that the curriculum be made public. STOPP researchers discovered an online teachers’ guide which made it clear that the curriculum was typical Planned Parenthood fare. That knowledge increased the urgency and call for transparency. After 45 days of refusal and stalling, the curriculum was finally released to the two legislators. What they found has shocked parents across the islands. The resultant outcry has caused the curriculum to be withdrawn for a second time, pending review.

Even though it has been withdrawn for the second time and is under review, calls for transparency in the review process have gone totally unheeded.

The Hawaii Free Press reports:

On February 19th, [Representative] McDermott sent a letter to DOE superintendent Kathryn Matayoshi, signed by eighteen members of the House of Representatives. The letter read in part: “This is a bi-partisan call for transparency in the Pono Choice review process on behalf of our constituents, the taxpayers of Hawaii.”

Since his call for transparency, McDermott says the secrecy has gotten worse. There have even been accounts of the working group members being asked to sign non-disclosure agreements.

The Hawaii Republican Assembly recently issued a disturbing Red Alert warning on the makeup of the task force acting as a review committee. It speaks volumes about why this committee is keeping parents and legislators in the dark:

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Working in secret and overflowing with liberals who favor the officially sanctioned and hyper-sexualized classroom teaching which has a decidedly pro-homosexual bias, the 10-member task force contains one conservative parent and one pastor up against a decidedly PRO-Pono Choices gaggle composed of a gay doctor, a mahu kumu that participated in making a Pono Choices video, various DOE bureaucrats, liberal activists, and more. From day one, it’s been a fait accompli, or as we say in English, a Done Deal.

Hawaiians are not giving up on protecting their children and refuse to be worn down by the delay tactics and the lack of transparency. The Hawaii Parent Coalition is devoting tremendous amounts of time and resources to fighting back against Planned Parenthood’s depraved plan for their children. They are networking with STOPP and with other parents across the nation who have been pivotal in the fight against Planned Parenthood sex ed. The coalition has developed a website, DefendOurKeiki.com, providing a place for parents to get the information they need to fight back. You can also follow the Hawaii Parents Coalition on Facebook. Share their posts and help spread the word!