HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – It appears that opposing the Common Core experiment is a winning issue for political candidates all across the nation, and nowhere is that more true than in Alabama. reports the “Stop Common Core PAC” (or political action committee) has given $700,000 in campaign donations throughout the state since April.

The PAC – which is funding at least five Republican candidates who are running against current Republican officeholders – has proven to be a lifesaver for at least one of the recipients.

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Republican George Barry’s campaign war chest was completely empty on April 1, according to

But thanks to three recent donations from the PAC, Barry now has $117,000 on hand to campaign against incumbent state Sen. Bill Holtzclaw, a Republican who has been an outspoken supporter of the nationalized learning standards.

The Republican incumbents who are being targeted by the group claim the PAC is a front group for Democrats and the Alabama Education Association, the state’s teachers union. The PAC has received virtually all of its money from the Foundation for Limited Government, a group that does not release the names of its funders.

“Instead of ‘Stop Common Core PAC,’ it should be called ‘Stop Conservative Candidates PAC’ since it does the dirty work for cowardly liberals hiding behind its misleading name,” House Speaker Mike Hubbard told the news site.

That theory would have more credibility if the “Stop Common Core PAC” – and the Foundation for Limited Government – weren’t both being led by John Rice. Rice is a former Republican state senator and – in the words of the Alabama Political Reporter – “a conservative stalwart.”

Rice rejects the charge that the state teachers union is funding the effort, and maintains the PAC’s sole purpose is to repeal the one-size-fits-all nationalized learning standards in Alabama.

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“Stop Common Core has a purpose (and) that’s to stop Common Core,” Rice told

Alabama’s primary election will be June 3.