JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – People across the country are celebrating Missouri’s “first step” toward ending the Common Core machine in their state with the passage of a bill, HB 1490, by both houses of their state legislature.

How come I feel so sick?

In a compromise with pro-Common Core forces, the Missouri legislature’s final version of its “anti-Common Core” bill does not end the Common Core, rather it merely puts off dealing with it for another year-and-a half as standards study groups are put in place. You know politicians are serious about accomplishing something when they create study groups, right?

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Sounds like politicians in Missouri are giving lip service to ending Common Core until after this election cycle. They are wearing the anti-Common jerseys, but are they really on our team?

The Common Core standards were fully implemented in Missouri only this past school year. What would be so traumatic about returning to Missouri’s previous standards while these “study groups” take their time creating the state’s new standards? Unlike the never-tested-or proven Common Core standards, Missouri’s previous standards at least have a track record of performance to look to for guidance.

Instead the Common Core standards stay in place for yet another year, gaining strength, and Missouri will still give the same old Common Core test, Smarter Balanced (SBAC), next school year, so that teachers can teach to the Common Core test.

In a bid to protect teachers, the legislation does not tie the results of the Common Core/Smarter Balanced test to teacher evaluations and salaries. In exchange for protecting teacher salaries, this bill still permits the Common Core standards to be taught/inflicted upon the children of Missouri while the grown-ups get their Common Core acts together. You’re welcome, teachers unions.

The Missouri Compromise of 1820 put off the inevitable demise of the insidious institution of slavery in our country by compromising with the pro-slavery forces in an attempt to keep the national peace. I’m sure there were anti-slavery people that hailed this as a great “first step” toward ending slavery, too. And I’m sure their fingers were crossed behind their backs when they said it.

Unless the people of Missouri trust future politicians and bureaucrats to keep their word and keep the best interest of their kids in mind, nothing short of the immediate and complete slaying of the Common Core beast, including the standards, test, and NSA-like data suctioning machines, will be acceptable.

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Come on Missouri, the rest of the anti-Common Core nation is watching. Don’t let the “Missouri Compromise” of 2014 become law. Your kids are counting on you, and they deserve better.