AUSTIN, Texas – A local school teacher was arrested last week for aggravated sexual assault on a six-year-old student. Alfredo Andrade-Gaytan asserted his innocence to authorities prior to confessing his guilt, according to local station KXAN.

The Austin Independent School District teacher “worked at Walnut Creek Elementary school but was teaching summer classes at Reilly Elementary. He’s been accused of keeping a girl from going out to recess Wednesday and tricking her into performing oral sex on him in a classroom,” the news report said.

Andrade-Gaytan’s arrest prompted four additional allegations from his former students at Walnut Creek Elementary, according to KXAN. Austin Independent School District “officials have spent the past two days in meetings with parents whose children may have come into contact with Andrade-Gaytan — in an effort to teach them how to talk to their children about the incident,” the news report said.

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“Typically, individuals that engage in this type of activity with children, there is a period of time where they know them or have known them, and so there’s some sort of relationship that they’ve built,” said Austin school district Police Chief Eric Mendez. “And again this is disturbing because this is a first-time contact between the two that resulted in the sexual assault.”

Andrade-Gaytan faces a first-degree felony charge of aggravated sexual assault of the Reilly Elementary child, which could mean a possible life sentence if he’s convicted.