HOLLAND, Mich. – The board president of a well-respected Michigan charter school is resigning his post in protest over Common Core, the one-size-fits-all learning standards experiment that’s taking root in 43 states.

Brian Polet has served on Eagle Crest Charter Academy’s school board for the past 16 years, and he says the school has suffered Common Core-fueled chaos “over the past two years.”

In his resignation letter, obtained by Scathing Purple Musings, Polet notes the school board’s approach to making policy decisions has been to ask, “Is it good for our children?”

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Polet has determined that Common Core and the accompanying standardized test (known as Smarter Balanced) are not.

“This copy-written, corporate-driven education model has been developed by non-teachers and edu-crats from Washington to Lansing to the detriment of students, parents, taxpayers and local school boards,” Polet writes.

He also warns that “Soviet-style” approach to education is shifting control of schools from parents and taxpayers to state and national officials.

But most “disturbing” to Polet is that the charter school will no longer be able “to guarantee the data privacy of our students.”

Neither National Heritage Academies – the charter company that manages Eagle Crest Charter Academy nor “the State Board will be able to protect a child’s data from corporate vultures, marketers, and political interest groups from being used in a malevolent way,” he writes.

Toward the end of his letter, Polet notes that Eagle Crest school board members are volunteers, and “have no way of preventing the charter company or the state university that holds the school’s charter from implementing Common Core.”

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“With this in mind, I want no part of a lousy educational model and I refuse to sign my name to a product that confuses, disorients, diminishes and fails to protect our students,” he writes. “ … With CC, we no longer have the Socratic model of education, but a new Bill Gates vocational schooling for worker bees and drones. Plainly, I have not left education, education has left me and more importantly, our students.”

Polet should be applauded for taking a principled stand against the K-12 learning experiment that’s been forced upon schools with no input from parents and local school leaders.

While Polet’s resignation won’t make any substantive difference in the fight against Common Core, it may embolden more education leaders and professionals to stand up and push back against the “elites” who want control of our schools for their own shadowy and suspect reasons.