BOSTON – Today’s Boston Globe highlights Pioneer Institute’s national leadership against Common Core education standards.

The Globe‘s Joanna Weiss writes: “Four years ago, when 44 states had adopted the K-12 curriculum standards, the whole thing seemed quiet and inevitable.”

Since 2009, Jim Stergios, Jamie Gass, and Pioneer advisor Sandra Stotsky have crisscrossed the country testifying before legislatures, addressing public forums, meeting with parent groups, and talking with reporters – making the team a trusted resource nationally.

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Pioneer has been able to play a key role in these repeal initiatives because of our comprehensive research (which, Weiss notes, is “written by respected players in education”) and our relentless outreach efforts. This work requires time, funding, and other resources – and we have been fortunate to receive your support.

As Weiss notes: “Today, resistance is everywhere… Some states are now dropping out. Chalk it up to a big victory for a small think tank on Devonshire Street.”

Will Pioneer Institute Knock Out Common Core? That depends on you. As more and more states opt out of the Common Core-aligned testing consortia, and more governors take action to withdraw, such as Louisiana’s Bobby Jindal, Oklahoma’s Mary Fallin, and this week, Wisconsin’s Scott Walker, it’s becoming clear that Common Core is fading fast.