COMPTON, Calif. –Ever wonder why California’s Compton school district is a dysfunctional mess?

Here’s a clue: Compton school board member Skyy Fisher, 31, was arrested last week for allegedly sexually assaulting an unconscious person.

He was taken into custody by the Pacific Southwest Regional Fugitive Task Force at the Engineer and Architect Association in the Los Angeles World Trade Center last Wednesday, the Los Angeles Times reports.

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Deputy U.S. Marshall Dante Salazar told the Times the San Diego County Sheriff’s Office issued a warrant for Fisher’s arrest the day prior for “suspicion of oral copulation of a person who was asleep or unconscious,” but provided no other details on the case.

The young board member was taken to the Vista Detention Center and held on $100,000 bail last week, according to the news site.

The incident, however, was far from Fisher’s first run-in with the law. In November 2013, Fisher was busted for alleged drunken driving – a case that’s still currently pending.

Prior to that, “City leaders and residents called for his resignation after he used a homophobic slur to refer to Trayvon Martin in a podcast in 2012,” the news site reports.

“He issued an apology and said he would take a 60-day leave of absence to address ‘a range of personal and health-related issues,’ according to a statement on the Compton Unified School District’s website,” the Times reports.

The leave of absence was cut short when Fisher returned a few weeks later.

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Fisher’s spokeswoman, Jasmyne Cannick, declined to comment on his latest arrest when contacted by the Times.

That’s likely because there isn’t much she could say to minimize his alleged conduct.

School officials are tasked with a serious job that involves overseeing millions in district spending, and setting the culture of the school district for thousands of young students.

What kind of message does it send to the district’s youngsters when its elected leaders are repeatedly arrested for allegedly criminal activities?

Hopefully, Fisher’s latest arrest will convince the public and his colleagues on the school board to reconsider his participation in the district, and to more closely scrutinize future district leaders.

If Fisher is found guilty, he should be removed from the school board immediately and replaced with a more responsible public servant who takes their leadership role much more seriously.