SAN FRANCISCO – Supporters of the nationalized learning standards scheme have made many miscalculations in implementing their plan, but one mistake looms above the others: introducing the standards in a piecemeal fashion.

Supporters decided to start only with math and English standards. They officially unveiled those standards – known as “Common Core” – in June 2010.

The plan was to let schools integrate Common Core for a couple of years before introducing nationalized standards for science and social studies.

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The science standards – officially known as “Next Generation Science Standards” – were released in April 2013.

A final draft of the social studies standards – “College, Career, and Civic Life (C3) Framework for Social Studies State Standards” – was released last October.

Proponents of nationalized standards thought their K-12 revolution would go so smoothly that it’d be imperceptible to the average American.

They were wrong.

When parents and taxpayers discovered that their local schools were being transformed without their consent, they rose up and reached for any tool they could find to stop and roll back the nationalized learning standards experiment.

In Wyoming and South Carolina, for example, lawmakers passed legislation that forbids state education officials from adopting the nationalized science and social studies standards.

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In other words, ordinary moms and dads have outsmarted the Education Establishment elites at their own game.

Supporters of the nationalized standards know they have to somehow counteract this movement if their grand vision of a uniform K-12 system throughout the U.S. is to be realized.

And that brings us to the “Climate Science Students Bill of Rights.”

A group of left-wing parents have teamed up with four environmental organizations to introduce the “Climate Science Students Bill of Rights,” a document which lists the five rights students should have in the science classroom.

The “Bill of Rights” is in direct response to state lawmakers who have blocked (or are seeking to block) the “Next Generation Science Standards.” Conservatives believe the standards erroneously promote the theory that human beings are responsible for global warming climate change.

The environmental activists’ “Bill of Rights” would guarantee that all students, in every state, have the right to:

    1. Receive the highest quality science education as determined by educators, free from ideological or political interference.
    2. Explore the causes and consequences of climate change.
    3. Learn that meaningful solutions to slowing climate change exist.
    4. Examine the data and evidence that leads to the established scientific consensus on climate change in a learning environment that encourages inquiry, questioning and understanding.
    5. Understand how climate science informs social, political, and personal decision-making.

“It’s unacceptable for students to be denied information about this crisis,” explained John Friedrich, one of the parents behind the effort. “Young people need to be given the tools to develop solutions (to climate change).”

“I think having some sort of a mandate and a standard about what’s taught is really crucial, because there’s a lot of variance in (Pennsylvania) — I’m in a progressive area, but in the rest of the state, there are probably a lot of climate deniers who are teachers,” sniffed parent-activist Jennifer McIntyre, according to “I think they just need to know that you can have those views but you can’t teach them in school. You have to teach real science.”

The group pushing the “Climate Science Students Bill of Rights” believes the debate over global warming climate change is settled, and they want to prevent schools from giving time to climate change skeptics.

These environmental alarmists ignore the fact that a significant number of reputable scientists are refusing to climb aboard the man-made climate change bandwagon.

The leftists pushing the “Bill of Rights” gimmick are apparently so fanatical and self-righteous in their beliefs that they’re unable to understand that science is never “a settled matter.” Nor do they understand that science is about continually searching for truth and understanding. True scientists believe in questioning everything – including the hysterical claims being made by the man-made climate alarmists.

While these activists think they’re serving science with their proposed “Bill of Rights,” they’re actually chipping away at the very foundations of the discipline.

The idea that they’re the ones who should be directing science education in the nation’s K-12 schools is truly alarming.