LOS ANGELES – The Obama Administration is aiding and abetting thugs in America’s public school classrooms.

According to Investor’s Business Daily, an anti-suspension policy imposed on some school districts by the U.S. Department of Education is resulting in an increase in violence, disruptions and threats against teachers in several large metropolitan schools.

“In 2011, the Education Department accused the Los Angeles Unified School District of discriminating against black boys, who were suspended for bad behavior at a disproportionate rate. The agency ordered it to reduce suspensions in the hopes that unruly minority students would stay in school and graduate,” the news site reports.

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The government decreed that “the district shall develop and implement a comprehensive plan to eliminate the disproportionality in the discipline imposed on African-American students,” and district officials complied by removing “willful defiance” as grounds for suspension, IBD reports.

Put another way, President Obama wanted LAUSD to dismiss the bad behavior of black students by keeping offenders in school, where serious students are trying to learn. The result is as ridiculous as it is predictable: school bullies and other thugs are disrupting class and running amok because there are no real consequences for their actions.

“Instead of being kicked out of school or suffering other serious punishment, even repeat offenders get ‘restorative justice’ therapy,” according to IBD. “They can negotiate the consequences for their bad behavior, which usually involves ‘dialogue sessions,’ in which teachers join unruly kids in ‘talking circles’ to foster greater ‘cultural understanding.’”

It gets worse.

“Talk invariably turns to racism and ‘white bias.’ Teachers are trained to make sure black kids ‘feel respected,’” the news site reports.

The anti-suspension Obama policy imposed on LAUSD did lower the districts suspension rate from 8 percent in 2008 to 1.5 percent today, but LA teachers quoted by IBD contend school administrators are ignoring threats from students against staff and students are getting increasingly brazen.

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“Last week I was terrified and bullied by a fourth-grade student,” one teacher told IBD. “The black student told me to ‘back off, bitch.’ I told him to go to the office and he said, ‘No, bitch, and you and no one can make me.’”

“We now have a restorative justice counselor, but we still have the same problems. Kids aren’t even suspended for fights or drugs,” another teacher said.

IBD reports that Oakland schools and others are experiencing a similar phenomenon under federal orders to reduce suspensions among black students.

The demand for and consequences of the anti-suspension policy stem from the concept of white privilege – that minority students can’t learn as well as their peers because American society is hopelessly stacked against them.

It’s a perverse progressive mindset that’s taking root in school districts across the country, including places like Wisconsin, where taxpayers unwittingly subsidize an annual conference centered on this drivel.

If President Obama, the education department, and their ideological allies in the nation’s teachers unions were serious about eradicating bias and racism in public schools they would demand that all students are treated equally, regardless of their skin color.

By promoting policies and philosophies that target black or minority students for special privileges, left-wing politicians and bureaucrats are simply perpetuating the racism and bigotry they supposedly seek to destroy.

This particular example, however, also highlights another important issue:

“If you think Obama is a lame duck and that his executive actions are meaningless, think again,” IBD reports. “His policies have dangerous consequences.”