PHOENIX – Anti-Common Core warrior Diane Douglas fired a warning shot from grassroots conservatives across the bow of the GOP establishment by winning the Republican primary for state Superintendent of Public Instruction this past Tuesday.

The GOP establishment ignores the anti-Common Core Moms, dads, grandparents, and others at their own political peril.

Diane Douglas, campaigning on a shoestring budget and fueled by the support of the anti-Common Core grassroots movement here in Arizona, ousted her entrenched incumbent who enjoyed all the financial advantages and support of the GOP establishment. Douglas body slammed her opponent by gaining 70,0000 more votes and capturing 57 percent of the total vote count, to John Huppenthal’s 41 percent.

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Douglas made defeating the Common Core the central theme of her campaign. She was belittled and demeaned by her GOP establishment opponent just as anti-Common Core Moms have been across the country for opposing the federal takeover of our state and local sovereignty over our children’s education.

Everything local is national with Common Core as all the states are fighting the same Common Core beast. Diane Douglas’s primary victory will have national implications giving hope to other Common Core warriors across the country hoping to replicate her victory and showing them that we can defeat this Common Core beast in Arizona and across the country one anti-Common Core Mom, dad, and grandparent at a time.

Douglas’s victory also puts the GOP establishment on notice that they had better get on the right side of this issue and begin strongly supporting the defeat of Common Core. The anti-Common Core movement will not be ignored this election season.

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