COVINGTON, Ky. – A Kentucky middle school teacher faces felony drug charges after she had cocaine delivered to her at school, authorities allege.

Arin Staples

Arin Staples was indicted today for prohibited acts related to controlled substances, a charge stemming from a federal investigation into drug trafficking in the area, The River City News reports.

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Staples, who faces up to five years in prison, abruptly resigned from Holmes Middle School two weeks ago after she was questioned by Drug Enforcement Agency officials as part of an ongoing investigation. Authorities previously arrested Quincey Tyus, a school security assistant, after questioning Staples and another school employee, according to the news site.

“She cooperated with investigators so she will be allowed to turn herself in,” Kenton County Attorney Rob Sanders said of Staples.

“Covington Independent Public Schools Superintendent Alvin Garrison said last week that investigators have questioned three members of the school’s staff since the beginning of the year. Staples was the only faculty member,” the News reports.

Tyrus, 26, is charged with trafficking 10 or more units of opiates, though neither he nor Staples were targets of the DEA investigation, according to the News.

“A federal investigation uncovered evidence he was trafficking pills but he’s not part of the ring the DEA is after so he will be prosecuted on state charges,” Sanders said.

“Staples also faces state charges because while she was caught up in the federal investigation, she was not part of any drug trafficking ring,” the News reports.

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School and police officials are not withholding most details about both cases from the public.

Tyrus was arrested at the middle school Aug. 19 and ordered to stay 500 feet from the school. Sanders said his case does not involve the school or students.

“According to a police report, (Tyrus) sold pain pills to an informant in March but was arrested during a broader investigation this month,” according to the News.

The status of the third employee is unknown.

Parents were obviously disturbed by Staples’ arrest.

“Use her for an example and lock her up. Teachers are supposed to be role models too,” Covington resident Missie Dowell Hyde posted on Facebook. “If these types of teachers are teaching our kids how are we gonna teach our kids it’s wrong but it’s ok for your teacher to do it. Damn shame.”

Others blamed a lack of leadership for the school’s employee problems.

“The lack of strong leadership at Holmes in the past years has hopefully been resolved and they will start enforcing the rules and taking a closer look at their staff,” Michael Reed posted to the News. “Knowing what I know now I would never have moved to Covington until after my daughters graduated. I hope they fix it, but they need to be willing to start throwing out students and staff right and left.”

It is the policy of the District to run a criminal background check on all employees-but did they actually do that for this teacher and the other two staff members? Have the other people being questioned been placed on leave so they are not in contact with the students?” Jo Rodgers posted.

School officials have assured the public all employees are subjected to criminal background checks.