WEST CHESTER, Ohio – Peace corps volunteer Kim Miller’s summer job of teaching plant science to Liberian school children ended abruptly over concerns of the Ebola outbreak that’s  killed more than 1,000 Africans.

Miller is back in the U.S. until at least early October when she expects to hear if it’s safe to return to Liberia or not, Cincinnati.com reports.

“All Peace Corps volunteers were sent home within a week. It was in the best interest of all of us,” Miller said.

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“She doesn’t believe she was exposed to the illness which has no known cure or vaccination,” reports Cincinnati.com.

“I didn’t come in contact with any bodily fluids and I didn’t eat bush meat (remains of wild animals),” Miller said, adding that Peace Corps volunteers were taught to recognize – and stay away – from “visibly sick” individuals.

“As far as I know I was not infected,” Miller told the news site.

Miller plans to live with her sister in North Carolina until she gets her next Peace Corp assignment.

Meanwhile, others are trying to get back to the country.

Another Peace Corps teacher, Dane Sosniecki, hopes to return to Liberia.

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The Columbia Daily Tribune reports:

A total of 108 people were volunteering in Liberia, 130 in Sierra Leone and 102 in Guinea. Sosniecki and the 50 people he was in training with were the first volunteers to leave the country because they were still in their training location instead of spread out throughout the country. He arrived home Aug. 2 after flying through London, Chicago and finally landing in Columbia.

“The organization left its paid staff members in each country and is waiting to see when it might be safe to send the volunteers back to their assignments,” the paper reports.