COLUMBIA, S.C. – Frontline Ministries, Inc., and the Exodus Mandate Project respond to the July 22, 2014 (re-broadcast on 7/29), Glenn Beck live format of “We Will Not Conform” sponsored by, to expose and argue for the repeal of Common Core State Standards (CCSS).

The broadcast was shown in an estimated 700 theaters across the United States and has been seen by several 100,000’s and will surely advance the on-going debate that Common Core standards are harmful and not beneficial for children. The format was organized around panels led by experts on grassroots, politics, education alternatives and developing the message. Pundit Michelle Malkin was particularly eloquent.

We commend Glenn Beck and his colleagues at The Blaze for this event and his recent book, Conform, co-authored with Kyle Olson. Their diagnosis is insightful in both cases, the live format and the book, but their solutions didn’t go far enough.

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“We Will Not Conform” falls short of true free-market and Christian worldview solutions as the program also promotes charter schools as a school choice option. Charter schools are not a true free-market approach, and they will entice private school families back into educational bondage of government schools with the promise of traditional and classical education now almost entirely absent in regular government schools. In some cases, this claim by charter advocates may be true but still not acceptable for Christians, who are obligated to provide education informed by Scripture with a Christian worldview. Charter schools are still public schools and cannot use a Bible-based, Christ-centered curriculum. We are very pleased, however, that Glenn Beck did promote private schools and homeschooling as an important solution to the K12 public-education crisis posed by CCSS, but regret that charters were promoted alongside them as well.

Vouchers were not discussed in the live format, but vouchers like charter schools also introduce an entitlement mindset into private schools. What the government funds, they will control. Both charters and vouchers threaten the autonomy of the private school, Christian school and home school movements. “How to Separate School and State: A Primer” by Douglas Dewey, offers a better plan. (

The claim by Beck that “We will not conform” rings hollow unless there is a complete separation of school and state (i.e., separation of government and K12 education). From a Christian worldview perspective, K12 education falls under the jurisdiction of the family (parents), church or private associations, not government at any level, federal, state or local. This was the early American model until the 1840 era, and it is the biblical model as well, which is presented in the IndoctriNation movie and companion book, IndoctriNation, published by Master Books.

Christians and conservatives calling for the repeal of Common Core need to focus not only on the dangers from the federal Department of Education, but now also those dangers prevalent at state and local levels as well. The statist educational cancer driving the CCSS agenda has metastasized. The only safe practice now for conservatives and Christians is to abandon K12 government education and seek safe sanctuary for their children in a new system of private schools, Christian schools and home schools.

The Glenn Beck campaign against Common Core is helpful, but not enough. Many conservatives still advocating public school reform seem naïve about the extent, power and reach of CCSS. It can’t be defeated by mere protest. No one can defeat an evil power by complaining and protesting. A rival power must challenge it. (“The insanity of the right” by David d’Escoto)

A K12 Christian “education reformation” could ignite a revival in the land, a biblical reformation, so that once again America could become that “shining city set on a hill” that birthed liberty and the Christian faith throughout this continent and the world. (