CHICAGO – The conservative principle of making government smaller is a racist concept that targets black families, according to Karen Lewis’ trusted advisor and campaign committee treasurer Brandon Johnson.

“When you talk about making government smaller, that is code … for eliminating black people from jobs,” Johnson, from the Chicago Teacher Union’s Black Caucus, said at a meeting of teachers in April 2013.

How would that be? Because black people have risen to economic success due to public sector jobs, Johnson said.

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“When we look at the overall scope of how the economic base within black communities have survived, it’s been public sector workers, public sector jobs that have made the middle class, and frankly upper middle class jobs possible for black families,” Johnson said.

“This move to eliminate this entire class of people is not just an issue for the people who are impacted, but also for the world around us.”

The 9:19 minute video is below: