ALBANY, N.Y. – Political junkies and “Saturday Night Live” fans will remember the “Rent is Too Damn High Party” from a few years ago.

Turns out exotic political parties are a New York thing, and Common Core opponents may get in on that act this fall.

On Tuesday, Republican gubernatorial candidate Rob Astorino filed the paperwork necessary to create the “Stop Common Core” ballot line which – if approved by state election officials – will give him and his GOP cohorts seeking statewide office another spot on the crowded ballot, reports.

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Astorino submitted 62,000 signatures for the ballot addition, far more than the 15,000 valid signatures needed.

“New York election law allows candidates to run on multiple ballot lines,” according to

“This of course helps candidates pick up more votes … I may not want to vote for that Republican, but Stop Common Core – I’ll vote for that,” explains Shane Vander Hart of

In other words, it’s a stunt.

Still, it’s instructive that a major political party thinks public opposition to the K-12 learning experiment could be appeal to frustrated voters.

“Astorino and the GOP formally launched the ballot-line effort in July, in an attempt to capitalize on the anger from parents and teachers surrounding the rollout of the Common Core,” the one-size-fits-all, nationalized learning standards being implemented in New York and more than 40 states, notes.

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The long-shot candidate “has made Common Core a major issue in his campaign, promising to repeal the education standards in the state,” the news site adds.