MONARCH BEACH, Calif. – Just how unpopular has the Common Core experiment become among parents?

It’s so disliked that one publisher of homeschooling materials is making its non-affiliation with the nationalized learning standards the centerpiece of a new marketing campaign toward parents.

Discovery K12, the publisher of free, online homeschooling curricula, “is aiming its product at Common-Core opponents, noting in its marketing materials that the common standards are ‘one of the main reasons’ that parents are choosing to teach their children at home,” writes Catherine Gewertz for Education Week.

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A new Discovery K12 press release notes that it’s getting “more and more difficult” for homeschool parents to find a non-Common Core related curriculum. That’s where the publisher can help out, according to the press release:

(Discovery K-12’s) non-Common Core curriculum encompasses over 16,000 assignments across 90+ courses in seven subjects including Language Arts, Reading/Literature, Math, History/Social Studies, Science, Visual/Performing Arts and Physical Education. …

Reading classic literature, writing essays, creating presentations, and conducting research are important aspects to the curriculum. A weekly spelling program, cursive, classic literature e-book library, quizzes and tests are also included.

Discovery K12 officials’ emphasis on classic literature and cursive handwriting skills make it clear they understand why a growing number of parents are turning against Common Core’s one-size-fits-all approach to education.

The nationalized learning standards emphasize nonfiction, “informational” texts over classic literature – and many Common Core critics say that represents a severe downgrade in the overall quality of education.

And even if a few classic texts make their way into Common Core-aligned classrooms, some education experts warn students will only be introduced to brief excerpts from those works.

As for cursive handwriting, that’s one of the skills that Common Core authorities believe students will no longer need in an increasingly computer-driven world.

And when Common Core’s dumbed down approach to math education is taken into consideration – it leaves students unprepared to earn a STEM-related degree at a four-year college – it becomes very obvious why homeschooling appears to be on the rise throughout the U.S.

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