WASHINGTON, D.C. – Texas Congressman Ted Poe has introduced H.R. 5417 in an attempt to disarm the “federal food police.”

The legislation would prohibit any funds from being used to implement USDA’s new ban on school fundraisers and bake sales during school hours, the Kingswood Observer reports.

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The regulations were a signature initiative by First Lady Michelle Obama.

“The federal food police need to stay out of our schools,” Poe says.

“First, the regulators came in to our lunchrooms, then vending machines and now school fundraisers. Bake sales are as American as apple pie. For years, students and parents have used the bake sale as a way to raise funds for school trips, athletic competitions, new uniforms and other activities.

“Teachers in my district have come to me concerned that this new rule will prevent their students from holding various after school activities. Washington bureaucrats have no business telling any American (no matter what age) what they can and cannot eat,” the congressman says.

“Not only is this rule an example of gross government overreach, it is also denying public schools thousands of dollars for extra-curricular activities. Congress should not fund any efforts to implement this abuse of government power,” the congressman tells the Observer.

The Blaze reports:

“Turn off the ovens, the school bake sales are over,” Poe declared on the House floor Tuesday. Poe said bake sales had been used by parents, teachers and students to help fund a range of activities.

“But now, the almighty federal government has cooked up new rules controlling public school bake sales,” he said. “No more cupcakes, oatmeal raisin cookies, popcorn or pizza can be sold for playground equipment or student trips.”

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“The Washington regulators, many of whom have their kids go to private school that are not covered by the new rules, say kale chips and quinoa are to replace snow cones and Valentine’s candy,” Poe said in his speech. “Isn’t that lovely?”

Numerous states and school districts have been seeking exemptions to the bake sale regulations or dropping are out of the National School Lunch Program altogether, foregoing federal reimbursements but gaining freedom.