RALEIGH, N.C. – Cosmopolitan magazine is hoping a bus full of “shirtless male models” will persuade female college students to vote this Election Day.

Students at North Carolina State will be offered a ride to the polls on Nov. 4 on “a party bus equipped with snacks, prizes and shirtless male models courtesy of Cosmopolitan magazine,” Technician online – the student newspaper – reports.

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Universities from across the country were eligible to apply for a magazine-sponsored contest and there’s one winner.

It just so happens to be a university in a battleground state that could determine the majority in the U.S. Senate.

“This is a huge election,” Cameron Willeford, the student who applied on behalf of NC State, says.

“We are a pretty big deal, even though we are a southern state—any party could win.”

The paper explains:

North Carolina is not only a swing state in the upcoming senatorial election, but is also a swing state for presidential elections. The entire United States Congress could be determined by this election, and it is up to all North Carolina citizens who vote.

Although the shirtless male model aspect of the bus “may tend to excite more females than males,” it creates a “fun, exciting voting atmosphere” for students, Willeford tells the paper.

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He adds, “I do it for the people.”

“I think it is a clever, effective and hilarious way to get people to the polls,” freshman Olivia Jansen says.

Cosmopolitan has been a reliable proponent of the Obama administration and its policies.

Last March, the magazine joined with White House advisor Valerie Jarrett for “a live chat on Google+ to discuss everything you need to know about the Affordable Care Act and how you can get insured before the March 31 open enrollment deadline.”

The chat, organized by Cosmo for Latinas Editor-in-Chief Michelle Herrera Mulligan and Cosmopolitan Deputy Editor Sara Austin, used created the hashtag #WHCosmoChat on Twitter, according to WhiteHouse.gov.

The style pages of the magazine have swooned over First Lady Michelle Obama.

In January, the magazine celebrated Obama’s birthday by publishing a childhood photo of her.

The post said the photo would make the viewer “cry happy tears.”