LOS ANGELES – First Lady Michelle Obama wanted to be sure rapper Lil Jon saw her turnip dancing video.

“The rapper blew into LAX Wednesday and made it clear … it was the highest honor that the First Lady parodied his song ‘Turn Down for What’ into ‘Turnip for What?'” TMZ reports.

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The first lady produced a parody of Lil Jon’s song to promote her overhaul of the National School Lunch Program.

“So Michelle Obama gave you some big props, man,” the TMZ videographer tells the rapper, “and she brought you in on her good eating plan.”

“I don’t like turnips at all, but I do eat my vegetables,” Lil Jon responded.

“I’m down with Michelle’s healthy eating plan,” he added.

The reporter asked, “Did she contact you about it beforehand or were you just pleasantly surpised?”

“Actually, I kind of found out right after it happened. Someone on that side kinda hit my publishers and told us it was about to go down and then it went up on the internet and it went crazy,” the rapper said.

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“So the White House was respectful of your mental property?” the reporter observed.

Lil Jon responded, “I guess so.”

He speculated because he’s working with Rock the Vote to get young people to the polls on Election Day, Obama gave him “a shout out with the turnips.”

He added, “If Michelle Obama tells me I need to eat a turnip, then I will eat a turnip.”

See the exchange here:

Here’s the original video of Obama dancing with a turnip: