INDIANAPOLIS – Black Friday sales has some shoppers seeing red … and the inside of jail cells.

Fox 59 reports two people were arrested after a brawl broke out at an Indianapolis mall.

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According to cops, around 3 a.m., a male suspect was too rowdy inside of the mall, and he was thrown out.

He then reportedly got in a fight with another man in the parking lot.

One of them ended up with a bloody nose.

After the suspect was told to leave by an off-duty police officer, he refused and “started punching the off-duty officer in the jaw.”

His girlfriend appeared on the scene and she, too, began punching the officer.

Both were arrested.

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In Los Angeles, two women duked it out – over a Barbie doll.

“Authorities said two women got into a pushing and shoving match โ€” with at least one of them reportedly throwing a punch โ€” over a Barbie doll on Thanksgiving evening,” according to CBS.