CHICAGO – The Chicago Teachers Union has a message for veterans this Veterans Day: You’re not as important as the minimum wage, or the city’s budget.

Instead of honoring those in the Armed Forces who have served and sacrificed for American freedom, the union is encouraging its members to attend a protest rally at downtown Chicago’s James R. Thompson Center Nov. 11, according to the union’s website.

“Take back Chicago!” union CTU’s flyer reads. “As the Mayor prepares to push his budget through City Council, join community organizations, unions, parents, veterans and more to protest Rahm (Emanuel)’s budget and rally for a different future of Chicago.”

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The notice even reminds members Nov. 11 is Veterans Day and school is not in session.

Marathon Pundit blasted the CTU for disregarding American troops.

“Leave it to the liberals to ruin and politicize everything,” Marathon Pundit posted.

The blogger also pointed out that this year’s Veterans Day is especially important, which makes the CTU’s rally especially disrespectful.

“This will be a particularly auspicious Veterans Day, as this is the centennial year of the start of World War I. Veterans Day evolved from Armistice Day, which marked the end of the Great War,” the Pundit wrote. “In their information about the rally, the CTU makes no mention of members of our military – either past or present.

“Have they no sense of honor?”

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Apparently not, it’s at least the second time the union has ditched vets to whine about why members deserve more. In 2012, CTU used the day off school Monday Nov. 12, the observed Veterans Day, to protest school closures.

EAGnews visited that rally, which featured “Tax the rich” chanting sessions and numerous socialist and Marxist representatives, with the aim of interviewing attendees, but none would discuss their issues. Several, however, lobbed profanities at a videographer who captured the event.

There was no honoring veterans at the 2012 rally, and there’s no reason to believe the 2014 protest will be any different.

Media outlets covering this year’s event are also expected to provide sympathetic coverage, much like they did in 2012.

From The Blaze’s 2012 report:

“There was an NBC affiliate on site to document the CTU protest. (Jeremy) Segal, who regularly blogs for Breitbart, asked NBC 5’s Charlie Wojciechowski if his crew was interested in questioning Jesse Sharkey, VP of the union, over his recent participation in the International Socialist Organization Midwest Marxism Conference at Northwestern University.

“I’m working,” Wojcieckowski responded. “We are doing something here… We are covering a protest.”

Segal followed up by asking Wojcieckowski if he was covering the protest, or covering it up.

Wojciechowski replied: “If Breitbart was a legitimate organization, I would talk to you, but it’s not, Breitbart is full of sh**.”