GEISMAR, La. – Parents of a Spanish Lake Primary School student tell EAGnews that the first three months of the school year already has them “dreading what the rest of the year has in store” and “considering other schooling options.”

The parents, who wish to remain anonymous, say that, so far this year, in their child’s ELA and Social Studies classes, there has been a “consistent theme of hostility toward Europeans and Christians.”

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The parents say they also noticed this tone last year with another one of their children who attended the school.

From lessons on the Columbian Exchange and American immigrants in the 1900’s to Brain Pop videos about early American explorers, the child’s mother says she has seen for herself and heard from her children about “an obnoxious number of lessons that all focus on the many ways Christian Europeans and the wealthy have negatively impacted Native Americans and other races.”

Both parents added that they have not seen any lessons mentioning the wrong-doings of other races, cultures or religions.

One example of lessons being taught at Spanish Lake is the 3 page graded Social Studies quiz shown at the bottom of this article, the questions and correct answers to which specifically relay the following:

An effect of the Columbian Exchange was that Native Americans were killed by a variety of diseases brought by the European explorers;

It was Christianity, not Islam or human sacrifices, that Native Americans and Africans were forced to practice even if they didn’t totally believe in it;

Motivations for the European people to explore the new world were: to find a quicker and cheaper trade route to Asia, to spread Christianity, and to gain wealth, not to form a relationship with the natives; and

The colonization of the Americas by Columbus and other Europeans nearly destroyed the population of all Native American people.

A question about African American slaves working on European properties and sugar plantations is also included in this quiz on early American explorers, which the father says appears to be “an attempt to blame the enslavement of African Americans on Columbus and other European explorers, despite the fact that African enslavement in the U.S. did not begin to occur until at least 100 years later.”

As also shown, question number 3 first presumptuously states as fact that “the conquistadors planned to control the Native Americans”; then asks the following:

To do so the conquistadors most likely planned all of the following EXCEPT…

A. spread diseases for which Native Americans had no medicine;
B. force Native Americans to work for the conquistadors as slaves;
C. kill Native Americans that got in their way;
D. demand gold and other riches.

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The correct answer – the only terrible thing that was “most likely not planned” by the conquistadors – is option A, the spread of diseases.

The parents say they also have concerns about one of the math teachers at the school, stating that “Common Core math has been very difficult for one of our children, and although we have tried to help him with it, he has been unable to understand most of it and therefore hasn’t been able to complete several homework assignments, yet somehow, he has an A in the class.”

Spanish Lake Primary School is one of eight new elementary schools built in the Ascension Public School District since 2002. Last year, the district ranked 3rd in the state.

However, while the State of Louisiana remains embroiled in a legal battle over Common Core, which was just fully implemented last year, Ascension Schools continue to show a strong commitment to both the standards and the usual accompanying eyebrow-raising content.

Early this year, EAGnews reported that Dutchtown High School in Ascension Parish included Common Core recommended pornographic books on its summer reading list as part of a school wide reading assignment.

In another report, the district was called out for a lesson on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights that teaches students that a person’s rights are violated when the wealthy own more land than they do.