PORTLAND, Ore. – As protests over the non-indictment of Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson entered a second day, chaos continued to reign across the country.

LaughingAtLiberals was on the streets of Portland, Oregon to document the protests that blocked streets and created confrontations.

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A driver of a car that was stuck on a street because protesters were talking down the middle of it became the target of their rage.

He appeared to be punched in the face by a black protester while he was sitting on his car looking at his smart phone.

Another instance shows protesters -standing in the street – taunting police who were standing on the curb.

One man is held a camera inches from an officer’s face, repeatedly saying, “You’re a f*cking coward!”

The police moved their line back, but the man continued to advance, calling the policeman a “f*cking faggot.”

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This all happened as officers were trying to get protesters off I-84.

Another protester can be heard tauting another officer, calling him a “teargas-loving maggot.”