SOUTHINGTON, Conn. – Parents of Southington High School students are fuming after they contend school officials left out important details in a letter sent home about an allegedly drunken teacher, and failed to call police.

The Southington High School principal sent a letter to parents about an incident at the school Thursday in which a teacher “behaved in an unprofessional manner … and was removed immediately from the classroom,” WTNH reports.

But an “insider” at the school told the news station there’s a lot more to the story than school officials are letting on and alleges they’re attempting to sweep the situation under the rug.

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“They said he was a Spanish teacher who came to school fairly intoxicated to the point where he soiled himself. He wet himself,” the anonymous source said. “The kids were videotaping it and he preceded to pin a student up against the wall. He did make physical contact with a student.”

The unidentified Spanish teacher was allegedly intoxicated through first and second periods before he was reportedly hauled out of the classroom in handcuffs by school leaders.

WTNH contacted Southington Police and learned the teacher was not arrested and the incident was never reported. The news station followed up with assistant superintendent Karen Smith, who would not identify the teacher, discuss exactly what happened or explain why police were never notified.

“If a teacher is being escorted out the school and my child is in that classroom or school I definitely want to know that,” a parent said. “You know, it’s disturbing because you don’t know what the teacher did, you don’t know if the teacher could harm the kids.”

Smith also would not discuss possible discipline for the allegedly drunken teacher, but assured the news station that all protocols were followed for dealing with an intoxicated person on school property.

“Oh absolutely, we have board protocols and procedures that are always followed 100-percent, whether it be staff members, students, or even community members, we have a very strict policy that is always followed,” she said.

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Apparently contacting police isn’t part of the protocol.

Many who posted on the WTNH story believed school officials should have taken the situation more seriously and pressed for criminal charges.

“So this guy got wasted and assaulted a student, yet was not arrested? So much for school safety,” Jake Hobart wrote. “Looks like they need to pay more attention to their staff instead of harassing kids who draw stick figures with guns.”

ConnieSays pointed readers to EAGnews for a broader understanding of the widespread problem of bad teachers and the teachers unions that fight on their behalf.

“Why didn’t the principal call the police? When it comes to being a danger to the kids the schools protect their teacher but if it was someone that has a gun that it a different story.

“People want to blame guns for everything. Go on this site and you will see how many bad teachers there are and how the schools and teachers unions protect them.

I hope the kids put their phone videos on the net and the parents of this kid sue the principal and the teacher.”

Others believe the allegedly intoxicated teacher should be identified to the public.

“Let’s get this A-hole’s name,” Tony Altomore posted.