PORTLAND, Ore. – A state-funded school “adolescent sexuality” conference was more like a Hedonism Resort than a place for children.

And yet, children as young as 11 attend the annual conference that has been held for some 20 years, according to KOIN 6 News.

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Organizers say the conference is merely intended to promote “promote safe sex and prevent teen pregnancy,” but the group Parents Rights in Education says it’s a whole lot more than that.

One session promoted an adult website called Virtual Fem.

Lori Porter, director of PRE, posted audio of a portion of the session led by keynote speaker Cory Silverberg where he explains the purpose of the website.

A pamphlet distributed at the session suggested different things children can do together, including, “bathing together, shaving each other, wearing each other’s underwear, role playing, buying an extra-large pair of pajama bottoms to sleep in together, lap dances and strip teases,” KOIN reports.

Another example floated by Silverberg included “how to pleasure someone else over the Internet.”

“Teledildonics basically refers to the control of sex toys over the Internet; the remote use of sex toys,” the speaker said, according to the news station.

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In addition to the content from the Virtual Fem website, numerous handouts, such as one that encourages cyber and phone sex, are passed out to high school and middle school students in attendance.

One such handout explains “How to get your groove on fluid free.”

“Watch porn, lube, do it in front of a mirror, do it while someone else is watching,” PRE’s Porter says of the session’s suggestions.

A sampling of the lessons shocked those that reviewed them.

“All kinds of speakers about Internet porn, using Internet sex toys, using meth as is shown in this book for when you’re engaging in sex. It encourages using meth because it helps your sexual drive and what not in here,” says Lisa Maloney, a board member in the Scappoose School District.

“It says in this booklet that was handed out and given out to all young people.”

“Meth is widely used for a million reasons to have lots of sex with lots of partners for long periods,” one of the handouts reads.

“This is garbage, so that’s disappointing,” adds Newberg School District Superintendent Dr. Kym LeBlanc Esparza.

The Oregon Adolescent Sexuality Conference is hosted by the Teen Pregnancy Task Force and receives state funding. The Oregon Department of Education is represented on the steering committee.

When confronted about his conference’s content, director Brad Victor threatened to walk out of the interview. But first, he defended the content.

“The material passed out at this conference is dedicated to preventing teen pregnancy, preventing STD’s and also developing healthy relationships,” Victor tells KOIN.

When asked how some of the activities presented at the conference prevented teen pregnancy, he called the question “inappropriate.”

Several school districts that sent students said they were “unaware” of the material being presented.

The news station reports at least 8 school districts in its viewing area have already registered for the next conference.