SCHOFIELD, Wis. – Meghan Hellrood is determined to make her point about the new skimpy lunches in her school.

The D.C. Everest High School senior is organizing a boycott of the new “healthy” lunches required by federal regulations that were championed by First Lady Michelle Obama.

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After posters announcing the boycott were taken down, she was undeterred. She turned to word-of-mouth and social media, including a Facebook page titled, “Boycott School Lunch – Take a Bag DCE.”

Hellrood says the 2010 Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act is neither healthy or hunger free, according to WSAU.

“They have to pack more food themselves to go along with the school food. So, they’re getting two meals. One is from school but they’re bringing the other one,” she says, explaining the school food is now lower quality and students are getting less of it.

Even condiments aren’t escaping the regulations.

“Now, we’re even getting restricted with our mayo packets and barbeque sauce packets, that we can’t even take two packages of mayo because that’s too many calories, so I’m handing out mayo,” Hellrood tells the radio station.

She even posted a photo of her stash on Facebook, promising “unlimited mayo.”

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The senior claims students are charged more if they don’t take all the food the Feds require schools to serve.

“For a meal, to make it a meal cost, you need to get a milk, a fruit, and the main entree, and if you do not choose a fruit, they will charge you more for just the milk and the main entree. If you don’t get the milk, but you still get the main entree and fruit, they’ll still charge you more,” Hellrood says.

One of the biggest complaints across the country has been the one-size-fits-all nature of the rules. That’s effecting D.C. Everest, too.

“I’m 4-11 and weigh 90 pounds and I want more food. I can’t image the senior guys on the football team,” the student tells WSAU.

The news station notes while this Obama policy is not necessarily on the ballot this year, “it is generating a large number of unhappy future voters.”

Hellrood’s campaign will culminate Nov. 13 with a Pack-A-Bag day to boycott the skimpy new lunches.

D.C. Everest students aren’t the only ones taking action against the new rules.

Farmington High School students in Connecticut are mounting a boycott there, too.

The last straw was when the school began throwing meals away of students who didn’t have enough money in their lunch account.

The episode, combined with issues with food quality, portion size, and other issues, convinced her to take action.

“That’s what everybody does … in history class you hear about Rosa Parks and that sort of thing,” student Sarah White said.