MANASSAS, Va. – As more students post pictures of their paltry school lunches, the offerings seem to be getting more vile … and pathetic.

Here’s a lunch posted by a student at Osbourne High School in Manassas, Virginia.

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Twitter user @IEatTheBoxHoe tells EAGnews it was his lunch.

Meanwhile, a mother posted a photo of her 17-year-old son’s lunch at a Minnesota high school.

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His lunch consisted of three tomato slices, a small piece of garlic bread, a scoop of apple sauce and a pasta entree that may or may not contain meat.

Another student, Twitter user @chanchilla_ thanks Michelle Obama for only receiving a portion of a cookie with her lunch.

Though unconfirmed, we have reason to believe this was served in the Rose Hill, Kansas school district.

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The Kansas Health Institute reports the Kansas Health Foundation is working with schools “to raise awareness of student health programs and help parents get involved with wellness committees that already dot districts across the state.”

The Michelle Obama-championed school lunch rules require participants to create a school “wellness committee” to oversee lunch programs and school snacks.

Tammy Bartels, president of the Kansas Parent Teacher Association, tells the KHI schools have an important role to play in forming children’s nutrition and exercise habits.

“Parents want to know their kids are learning healthy habits during school hours, and they want to help implement wellness programs that will ensure their kids succeed,” Bartels says.

“Healthy students are better learners, and an integrated approach to support wellness before, during and after the school day will help our kids reach their full potential.”

It’s hard to see how that can be accomplished when schools are serving some of the photographed meals above.